Upgrading Ubuntu - Migrating from Dapper Drake (6.06) to Edgy Eft (6.10)

Ever since Firefox 2.0 was released I've been checking to see when Ubuntu (the Linux distro that I use as my desktop at work) will offer it as an installable package.

Did the search again yesterday and found out that a new release of Ubuntu was out - 6.10 codenamed 'Edgy Eft'.

I followed these instructions from the Ubuntu site, Upgrading using Update Manager and had no problems but another source of good information regarding the upgrade can be found on the Daily Cup of Tech blog in a post called Upgrade Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10.

I did have problems though, it reported that it couldn't continue with the install as I had "broken packages". I was able to fix these by running Synaptic Package Manager , filtering out just the broken ones and then right-clicking on them and choosing "reinstall". After a quick reboot I then re-ran the Update Manager which continued the install.

It does take quite a long time to perform the upgrade, mine was still downloading the required packages after two hours but I now have a fully working Ubunutu with Firefox 2.0! :)

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Using Apache to display a list of available Subversion repositories

If you have setup Apache to be able to serve multiple Subversion repositories from one parent Subversion path then you are probably wondering if there is a way to display the list of repositories available in that parent directory.

By default Apache will give you a 403 permissions error reporting:

403 Forbidden

You don't have permission to access /parent-subversion-directory on this server.
To enable the repository listing you need to use the SVNListParentPath option (see "Listing available repositories in mod_dav_svn (server)" under "Enhancements and Bugfixes" in the 1.3 release notes) in the Apache virtual host setup.
Note: this will only work in Subversion 1.3 and higher.

Edit your Subversion Apache configuration file to add the SVNListParentPath On line, an example is given below:
# Subversion
<Location "/svn">
DAV svn
SVNParentPath /svn
SVNListParentPath On
SVNIndexXSLT "/svnindex.xsl"
If you now visit http://some-website.com/svn you will see a page entitled "Collection of Repositories" with a listing of links pointing to each Subversion repository!

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Wireless USB hub (UWB) - I gotta have one!

I don't normally post 'I read this and thought it was cool!' blog posts but I had to pass this one on...

First UWB Wireless USB Hub Ships (source DailyTech)

How long will it be before the USB port disappears due to the devices using UWB instead?

Makes me wonder if I should start investing in battery companies...

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