An update to my Thunderbird TNEF script for opening winmail.dat

Back in July I blogged about Opening winmail.dat (TNEF) files in Thunderbird (on Ubuntu). Well a colleague at work has 'refined' my script so that rather than it create a folder on your desktop it simply opens Nautilus to display the contents of the attachment.

This is the new version of the script:



/usr/bin/tnef -C $LOCATION --save-body -f $1

nautilus $LOCATION
The interesting part of this script for me is the $$ - this special script variable is the process ID (PID) of the currently running script, so it makes a temporary file called winmail_<current process id>.dat. Other than that it's pretty similar to my original script apart from opening Nautilus at the end.

Now it's even easier to open and extract files from winmail.dat files!

I found out the reason for the $$ from here.

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Anonymous said...

I love you and want your babies! Saved my bacon, many thanks. I now use this script to double-click from my Ubuntu desktop to open those darn pesky winmail.dat files.

El Brujo Halcón said...

Changed nautilus to firefox and I'm using this script in kubuntu, too.
Thank you very much