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What is

What exactly is

It's a "social bookmarks manager". 'Social' because anyone can see your bookmarks and you can see everyone else's. 'Bookmarks manager' because it provides a way to easily bookmark a website, add a comment if need be, and then categorize it by add a 'tag' or two. Your bookmarks are then available via an easy to use website.
What is a tag?

Tags are single-word keywords that help you group similar bookmarks together. A bookmark can have more than one tag associated to it (or none at all if required) so you can create some quite complex groups with such a simple flat hierarchy. For example, I have the BlogThis extension for Firefox that allows blogging to tagged with 'firefox' and 'extension'.

What else does it do?

When you have all your bookmarks publicly available online then you have some interesting options available:

* access your bookmarks from any machine with a browser.
* no need to ma…

How to start?

How do you decide what your first blog post is going to be about?

I feel it's all about entrance, and that's a tough thing to decide when in theory the whole web world is watching.

I've thought for a while about what type of topics I would like to blog about, and most of these are covered in my blog headline description.

I'm one of those people who likes to get really deep in a new technology or idea, explore every part of it, then decide if it's something to keep or throw away.

My current "topic" is the social bookmarking site and what benefits tagging can give us. Tagging is starting to be pretty pervasive with sites like Technorati and Flickr using them as well. People are able to search the web for a particular tag and retrieve a whole host of different content from a number of sources such as websites, blogs, podcasts, photo archives, etc.

I think I'm going to structure my blog in a "this week I've been mainly exploring ..." …