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Popup experimental post to has a number of bookmarklets that help you submit urls to your account. One that was added a while ago is an experimental post interface that provides some additional features to help you tag a particular link.

It provides the usual url, description, extended, & tags along with a list of recommended tags selected from your own personal list (which is also shown) as well as popular tags from all users.

I really like this new interface but I much prefer the popup action of the "popup post to" bookmarklet, so I've merged the two into a "popup experimental post to".

Drag the following link to your bookmark toolbar (or right-click and add it to your favourites, then edit the bookmark and replace the text USERNAME with your username otherwise it won't be able to post to your account.

popup experimental post to

If you select some text on the page that you wish to post then it will be put in the "extended" field, and if you wish to change the window dimensions or the location of the popup window then edit the bookmark and change the left, top, width, & height pixel values at the end of the url.

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Joerg said…
Hi Andrew,
your experimental post to works fine for me, exactly what I was looking for - THANKS!
Gaiko said…
Nice little hack, question though. I tried your bookmarklet (in firefox and the popup window asks me to login, even though i am logged in (up top it has my login ID and info about my account). Any ideas how to make it go striaght to the "tag page" without prompting for login info (assuming i am already logged in of course).