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Using Foxylicious to sync bookmarks with Firefox

A few hours after I started to export my bookmarks from Firefox to I realised that I needed some way to pull back those bookmarks into Firefox so that I would still be able to access them quickly without having to go to the website first.

I use Firefox as my browser and it has loads of extensions available that pretty much do anything. I was sure that there would be one to solve my need and the best one I could find was Dietrich Ayala's Foxylicious.

This extension basically syncs a local bookmarks folder with the bookmarks that you have stored in providing local access to them. It also creates a sub-folder for each tag that you have created, and fills that folder with all links that are marked with that tag.

It will sync with once a day but you can always do an immediate sync but clicking the 'tools' menu, then 'Foxylicious', and clicking on the 'Update Bookmarks' button.

It also offers a right-click 'Add to' option which uses the standard popup post to I prefer the new experimental interface so I'm wondering if I should modify my Foxylicious extension to use my popup experimental post to instead.

Foxylicious is a great Firefox extension that really solves the issue of rapid, local access to your bookmarks without compromising the benefits that has to offer. I'm looking forward to any new features that Dietrich may add in the future.

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Andrew Beacock said…
Behzad K, Thanks for the kind words, it's nice that someone else finds it useful.

I did email the original author of Foxylicious to let them know that I created the hack, they said "in the next version of foxylicious, the posting URL is configurable", so I assume that any available post page would be available to use.

I use it so many times a day now that it's hard to remember what it was like to bookmark the old way!