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Better Bloglines via GreaseMonkey

I've been a bit quiet lately, partly due to a 2 week holiday to Florida, and partly because I've been a bit blog-lazy.

I'm still using, but haven't found any other tools to make my experience better. I did start hacking up Foxylicious to support the experimental interface and I'm almost there, just need to know the correct JavaScript function to grab the selected contents of the webpage - any helpers? So apart from finishing the Foxylicious hack and posting it here and back to the original author I suppose that's my hunt over.

I'm still using Bloglines as my RSS aggregator but I always struggled with the font size dictating not only the post entry's text size but also the size of my feed list.
Greasemonkey to the rescue! Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that can control the rendering of the client-side DHTML so you can change pretty much any part of the page. You install Greasemonkey then add 'user scripts' of the DHTML.

Over on the Peer Pressure blog I found a Greasemonkey user script that squeezes the feed list sidebar. It made the text a little too small for my liking and moved a number of the buttons and other links so it wasn't the best solution. All I wanted was to make the text smaller, so I edited the script to do just that.

Here's my Bloglines Shrinker user script.

To use it, first install Greasemonkey then click on the link above to display the script. Click the 'Tools' menu in Firefox, then click 'Install User Script...', then click 'Ok'. Visit your Bloglines homepage and you should see the changes instantly!

Let me know if you use it, and what you think about it!

UPDATE: I've moved some files around on my server, I've not changed any of the content of this post.

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