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Foxylicious hack for experimental popups

After receiving some help from my mate Robert Baillie, I've finally managed to finish my 'hack' to Foxylicious (v0.4) to enable the experimental interface when you right-click and choose 'Add to'. This gives a slightly larger window than the default one but includes the recommended, popular, and your tag lists making it easier to categorise your bookmarks.

So why use this over the experimental bookmarklet provided by For a start I find it much easier to right-click than to navigate to a bookmarklet up at the top of the screen. Another reason is that if you are using Windows (XP at least) then with certain tabbed browsing settings the popup window goes behind the current window (it doesn't do this under Debian). I also wanted to give hacking an extension a go, and this seemed an easy way to try it out.

I can't be bothered trying to create a full extension, and don't want to take credit for the excellent Foxylicious, so to use my hack you need to first install Foxylicious, browse to your Firefox profile directory, then browse to the Foxylicious extension folder (extensions -> {32537848-7D38-4ee2-B5A2-47562E69C59E} -> chrome) and replace the foxylicious.jar with this one.

Restart Firefox, then go to the Foxylicious config screen ('Tools' -> 'Foxylicious') and if everything has worked correctly there should be an option for 'Use Experimental Interface', tick that box, click 'OK' and the next time you right-click and choose 'Add to' it will use the experimental interface.

Oh just one more thing, any text that you have selected on the webpage will be entered into the 'extended' field in the popup.

Enjoy and let me know if you find it useful! I'm now going to pass this on to Dietrich Ayala, the author of Foxylicious...

UPDATE: I've moved some files around on my server, I've not changed any of the content of this post.

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