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How to create Technorati tags

Each of my blog posts has a list of relevant Technorati tags that makes it easy for Technorati to categorise my posts, hopefully generating more readers of my blog. I read about Technorati's tagging system a while back, but didn't really want to handcode the HTML at the bottom of each post.

I set about searching the web to see if anyone else has the same issue and can across the Oddiophile blog. There is a post from January which provides a bookmarklet that does all the work for you.

You drag the bookmarklet link to your bookmark toolbar (that's the installation process!), then whenever you want to create some tags, you click the bookmarklet, type in the tags with a space between each one, click 'OK', then copy the resulting text and paste it into your blog post.

That's it, nicely formatted Technorati tags, without any of the work or possible typing errors!

Technorati Tags: , ,


Anonymous said…
If you were using Wordpress you could do it almost automatically :)
Your Name said…
Using Internet Explorer, I couldn't make the link work just by dragging the link into my favorites. Instead, it worked by right-clicking the link and choosing "add to favorites".

It is a great feature! Makes promoting blogs through Technorati so much easier.

Michele, I was wondering about the wordpress tags: doesn't that only link to similar pages in wordpress or is there a way to link them to technorati too?

Andrew Beacock said…
Thanks for the info Urban Kunoichi - I use Firefox and so am not aware of the differences with Internet Explorer.

Hope you enjoy using the plugin!