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Installing Trac on Linux (Debian Stable)

Now that you've installed a dummy Debian package for Subversion you are ready to install Trac. I wanted to use the very latest version of Trac so I opted for building it from source using the latest code via the Trac Subversion repository.

The first thing to do is install the current Debian stable Trac package, this will install all the dependencies that we need (there are quite a few):
apt-get install trac

Once that's complete, we want to remove just the Trac package so that we can install it from source:
apt-get remove trac

To be able to build Trac from source it requires the Python development libraries:
apt-get install python-dev

Then we can checkout the latest version of the Trac source code (I did this in my home directory):
svn co Trac

Then change directory into the Trac directory and as root issue the following command to build and install Trac:
./ install

This step is optional, but if you want to ensure that get the latest versio…

A new agile blog by Gavin Hope

Kevin Rutherfordposted recently about a new blog by a British agile developer called Gavin Hope. His name seemed strangely familiar, and then it dawned on me - he was one of the presenters at the Agile North conference that was held last month.

He presented a session titled "Fitting Agile Teams in a non Agile Organisation" along with his colleague Lindsay McEwan. His session was the best one of the day as I was concerned, I was impressed by Gavin's enthusiasm for trying to take a traditional development team through the transition to a truly agile one. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say about his team leading experiences over the next few weeks and months...

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I've fixed my Bloglines Shrinker - and so soon I hear you shout!

Thought I'd take a quick look into the issue of my broken Bloglines Greasemonkey script and spotted the issue straight away. It's a pretty simple thing really...

They've changed the title of their site from "Bloglines | My Blogs" to "Bloglines | My Feeds". So all I had to do was update the little bit of code in the script that checks the title to read "if (document.title == "Bloglines | My Feeds")" and upload the script to my website.

The script is available here, or through my original post which covered installing Greasemonkey as well as details of installing the script.

UPDATE: I've moved some files around on my server, I've not changed any of the content of this post.

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Bloglines breaks my Bloglines Shrinker GreaseMonkey script

Back in May I blogged about modifying a Greasemonkey script written by Matthew Gertner over on the Peer Pressure blog.

Well the recent additions to Bloglines has stopped my script from working, all the icons and text are back to their rather large size. I wish there was an option to set the feed list text to be small but the blog post text to be big. As that's the main reason this script exists.

I'll have to see if I can figure out what's breaking it, but don't hold your breath, I'm no Javascript wizard!

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Bloglines gets hotkeys!

I was in for a treat when I got to work this morning and powered up Bloglines to catchup with what's going on in the world of tech whilst enjoying my first brew on the day.

A little message at the bottom of every page informing me of some rather handy keyboard shortcuts.

This was followed up sometime later by an official announcement on the Bloglines News blog.

My personal favourite is the s key which moves you to the next sub-folder and just keeps going to the next, and the next, and the next...

The 'next article' j key seems interesting which moves the right-hand pane to the next post from that blog, but if you have a multi-page post it will skip too far - I prefer to still use the down cursor key.

The real nice thing with these keyboard shortcuts is that you can navigate around your feeds without loosing the keyboard focus on the right-hand side - I'm not sure of how many times I've pressed down on the cursor key expecting to scroll down in a long post only to find t…

Oddiophile's Technorati Tags Bookmarklet is available here

One of my more popular posts is regarding a bookmarklet by Oddiophile that will create the html template for any number of space-separated Technorati tags.

For quite a while now the Oddiophile blog has been offline, and after quite an exhaustive search on the web I cannot find a bookmarklet that offers similar functionality.

As I use it all the time for my posts (as you can tell from the bottom line of every post) I have a local copy. I'm going to put it up for distribution, if anyone has any issues with this duplication please get in touch with me by commenting on this blog post and I'll take it down (if you have a damn good reason why the blogosphere shouldn't benefit from this rather fab tool!) :)

Ok, here you go...

Oddiophile's Rather Fab Technorati Tags Bookmarklet

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