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Bloglines gets hotkeys!

I was in for a treat when I got to work this morning and powered up Bloglines to catchup with what's going on in the world of tech whilst enjoying my first brew on the day.

A little message at the bottom of every page informing me of some rather handy keyboard shortcuts.
Bloglines keyboard shortcuts

This was followed up sometime later by an official announcement on the Bloglines News blog.

My personal favourite is the s key which moves you to the next sub-folder and just keeps going to the next, and the next, and the next...

The 'next article' j key seems interesting which moves the right-hand pane to the next post from that blog, but if you have a multi-page post it will skip too far - I prefer to still use the down cursor key.

The real nice thing with these keyboard shortcuts is that you can navigate around your feeds without loosing the keyboard focus on the right-hand side - I'm not sure of how many times I've pressed down on the cursor key expecting to scroll down in a long post only to find the left-hand list of blogs scrolling instead!

Great work bloglines, could you now possibly add a keyboard shortcut for 'Keep New'?

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