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Migration to Ruby for Java developers

As an experienced Java developer converting to a Ruby newbie I found the following posts from Sam Newman rather helpful in making the switch:

* Ruby For Java (and C#) Programmers, Part 1 - Conventions, methods, modules, and classes
* Ruby For Java (and C#) Programmers, Part 2 - Operators, methods, and more on classes
* Ruby For Java (and C#) Programmers, Part 3 - Introducing Arrays, Hashes and the typing system

If your anything like me having a good book by your side can really help when picking up a new language. There is one Ruby book that everyone seems to have, Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide. It really is an excellent book, I liked the first edition so much that I bought the second as well!

Let me know if you find any other resources that would be helpful to anyone else making the switch.

Another useful resource for people interested in see what Ruby is all about is Try Ruby! - an online interactive Ruby terminal that runs in a browser, created by the rather insane why the lucky stiff. Try it, you might like it!

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Rob Baillie said…
One of the poignant guide pages on Ruby was citied in a great book, 'The Best Software Writing' by Joel of 'Joel on Software' fame. All are must reads!

This chapter (brilliant):
Was in this book:
Edited by this man:
Andrew Beacock said…
I also enjoyed the Poignant Guide - it's a crazy read! Chunky Bacon!!!