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Missed your bookmarks when was down? Not if you've got Foxylicious!

If you are a regular user you will most probably know that they have had some server & database troubles over the past couple of days that caused the whole system to be unavailable for a considerable number of hours.

What you might not know is that you could have had access to them (if you are a Firefox user) if you had the Foxylicious extension installed. It maintains a copy of your links as normal Firefox bookmarks and I blogged about it back in April.

I find the Firefox extension better for posting to, but nothing beats Foxylicious for ensuring that you have fast local access to all your bookmarks should every have problems in the future.

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Anonymous said…
Seems like a very good extension to me - I will certainly install it!
Andrew Beacock said…
Glad to be of some help!
Please let me know how you find it.