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Well maybe I've blown the title up a bit to big but I wanted to share an interesting experience I had this afternoon with search.

A number of months ago I came across a website that helps you organise an event. You enter your name & email address and a title for the event. Then you add possible dates for that event along with a list of email addresses to send the invites to.

I used it a couple of times and then forgot about it, deleted it from my ( bookmarks and removed all trace of it from my memory. This afternoon I wanted to find that site again, so I turned to Google. No matter what keywords I typed in be it "event", "meeting", "invite" or "plan a party", it couldn't find it.

I turned to and entered 'event' in the search box, the second result from "Everyone's items" was the one I was looking for, a site called

It's a very cool service and now that I've found a real need for it, I've got it safely tagged in

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