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Dead broadband routers & fantastic customer service from 3Com!

My 3Com wireless broadband router decided to stop working last week leaving us without any internet at home. It was a 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router, a rather excellent piece of kit that I purchased from when my Linksys WAG54G started playing games with the wired lan ports.
I bought it in January and it's been rock-solid ever since, very easy to setup, and the only downside was that it shipped with extremely old firmware but that was easily solved with a visit to the 3Com support website.

It stopped working in the afternoon last Wednesday (5th July) whilst I was at work. The ADSL and wireless didn't work any more, and I couldn't get into the administration interface. I fished out my old Linksys router as that had working wireless and internet and got onto the 3Com support site late that evening. It comes with a 3 year warranty (I've had it 6 months) so I managed to submit an RMA (returns) request.

The next morning was an email informing me that they were going to send an "Advance Replacement" which means they send you a replacement first before you send the defective unit back. That lunchtime I had an email informing me that my replacement router had been shipped! It was shipped from 3Com in Germany and so it took a few days to get to me, but the fully-working replacement arrived yesterday (Monday 10th July) - a total of 5 days.

I've got it all up and running again now and I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the service that 3Com have offered. It's a quality piece of kit at a great price (I paid about £50 for mine) with superb customer service to boot! I will be recommending this router and 3Com as a networking provider to anyone who will listen!

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