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The current situation of REST applications accessed by a web browser

As regular readers will know I'm not one for link blogging but this recent post by Dave Thomas of The Pragmatic Programmers is the reason for me to do so.

This is one of the clearest, well written explanations of the current limitations of implementing REST-based applications that are accessed via a web browser that I have found.

This excerpt is one to to bear in mind before getting excited about the concept of REST:
How well do browsers play in a RESTful world?

Well, for a start, they really only use two of the HTTP verbs: GET and POST. Is this a problem? Yes and no.
If you want to know which bits of REST a browser currently supports and which bits it doesn't - read on...

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Screen capture a single window with Alt-Print Screen? - I never knew!

I've known about the Print Screen (Prt Scr) button taking a full screenshot and saving it in the clipboard for ages (and with Ubuntu it pop ups a handy "save screenshot" window as well).

I never knew that you could hold down the Alt button at the same time and get a screenshot of just the currently highlighted window!

You learn something new everyday - well I do at least...

More info: Windows Print Screen Key

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March's AgileNorth - Applying Agile Software Practices to Consultancy Projects

This month's AgileNorth was a short presentation and following discussion on Applying Agile Software Practices to Consultancy Projects.

The 20-odd slides were presented by Simon Monk, CTO of Momote (Momote's wikipedia page). Momote offer products that allow the development of mobile applications that will run on any device from a consumer Java phone to a Windows Mobile PDA.

Simon has worked in an agile development way for some time and now wants to create a consultancy group that can work in an agile way. Momote are 6 months into offering consultancy services and have a small XP team for the main development of their MX platform. At the moment they have one consultant but are growing that team to three or four in the very near future.

Momote don't want to follow the traditional consultancy process which was described as:
* lengthy (and therefore costly) detailed requirements gathering
* Big Design Up Front - BDUF
* Severe project management - Gant charts, Microsoft Project, et…

How to install a specific version of a Debian package using apt-get

At work we use a backported version of Subversion as the stable package is 1.1.4 and I wanted to install the latest one we could get a package for which was version 1.3.2. Along with the backported Subversion package is a package that contains a number of useful hook scripts called subversion-tools.

When I did an apt-get install subversion-tools Debian wanted to install the 1.1.4 stable release not the 1.3.2 backported release. By doing an apt-cache show subversion-tools I was able to see the two available packages.

These are the steps I went through to install the backported version of subversion-tools, although these steps will work when installing any specific version of a Debian package.

Before you install a specific version of a package you need it's complete version.
This will be displayed when you run:
apt-cache showpkg <package name>

apt-cache showpkg subversion-tools

> Package: subversion-tools
> Versions:
> 1.3.2-5~bpo1(/var/lib/dpkg/status)
> 1.1.4-2 (/v…