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Viewing Outlook vCalendar meeting invites in Thunderbird

I received an Outlook meeting invite in my email recently but because I use Thunderbird as my email reader I received the raw vCalendar data rather than a nicely formatted email with details of the meeting. After a quick google search I found a post on Daniel Tome's blog regarding Viewing Calendar Events in Mozilla Thunderbird.

His suggestion was to install a Thunderbird add-on called Lightning. This adds a calendar into Thunderbird and also adds support for understanding vCalendar events. More information can be found at Lightning's home page.

I installed the add-on and restarted Thunderbird and now the raw vCalendar email was transformed into a nicely formatted meeting invite - you even get the option to accept or decline the meeting. Just remember to right-click on the green "Install Now" button to download the add-on otherwise you will install it into firefox.

Thanks again Daniel!.

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Ian said…
Thanks for the pointer for viewing vCalendar in Thunderbird - works a treat.
Anderson Avila said…
Thanks a lot!!!