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Manager Tools - my favourite podcast for over 2 years

Back in 2005 I blogged about the podcasts that I subscribe to and one of my favourites was Manager Tools.

Well two years later my list has changed a little (click on the 'podcasts' link on the left for a closer look) but Manager Tools is still my favourite podcast, the moment the show music starts to play in my car I know I'm in for an hour of energetic & informative advice regarding all aspects of management & leadership.

I'm amazed at how much time & effort Michael Auzenne & Mark Horstman put into producing a timely weekly show full of great content with such audio finesse as well.

I was recently very fortunate to get a sneak preview of some of their premium content and I must say if it's all of the same high quality (which with Mike & Mark is a given) then it's definitely worth the month fee.

They are consistantly the number 1 business podcast at PodcastAlley and have won the "Best Business Podcast" for two years in a row. If you only add one podcast to your itunes/podcatcher this week, make it Manager Tools, you won't regret it.

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Anonymous said…

Mike and I send our thanks for your kind words. We're thrilled that folks like you are still getting value from our work. We're doing this for managers everywhere..and for their directs.

We're honored to earn your time every week.

Mark Horstman
Manager Tools