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Poor performance after upgrading Ubuntu to 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon'

I recently upgraded my desktop to Gutsy Gibbon using aptitude rather than the graphical Update Manager and noticed that the performance of the machine had dropped significantly.

Running htop highlighted the problem, evms and udevd were fighting for disk I/O, bringing the system to it's knees. After a quick search I found that most users can safely remove EVMS as it's normally used for RAID and other complex drive setups:
The Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) is a project that attempts to provide a single, unified system for managing storage and filesystems. Rather than managing individual disks, partitions and filesystems; LVM Physical Volumes, Volume Groups and Logical Volumes; RAID arrays (both software and hardware) etc. yourself, using EVMS you can address them in one consistent way.
The support for the EVMS package has been dropped by the Ubuntu team but if you didn't use the Update Manager to do the migration to Gutsy it won't have been removed.

To remove EVMS manually (please make sure you aren't currently using it as it could be dangerous to your data if you are and then you remove it) simply run:
sudo aptitude remove evms
This will remove the EVMS package and then rebuilt the kernel image so please be patient

You are then only a reboot away from a faster running system!

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