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Ever had your DVD or CD drive completely disappear in Windows XP?

I recently installed DaemonTools so that I could fire up an Ubuntu ISO without burning it to disk first but it didn't seem to work properly so I uninstalled it. That is when the problems started, my DVD drive completely disappeared from XP - it wasn't in Windows Explorer and didn't show up via Device Manager either!

I tried the "Add Hardware" wizard via the Control Panel but that didn't recognised my drive either so I was starting to get rather worried. After a search on the net I came across a thread on regarding "all my CD rom drives suddenly dissappeared". This pointed to a solution script from the rather talented Doug Knox who has a script available to restore CD-Roms and DVDs in Windows.

Follow the above link and then save the page with the script on it to your desktop, then just double-click the script and it should pop up the following message:

Now just reboot and your DVD/CD drive should have been restored!

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Anonymous said…
This DVD or CD drive Completly disappear in Windown xp.