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Searching in Eclipse without the annoying CTRL-F Find Box

I've been using IntelliJ's IDEA IDE for the past few years for any Java development work. I've recently moved to a new company who are standardising around Eclipse so I'm slowly getting used to it's way of working and it's many different keyboard shortcuts.

Inline code searching is a big plus in my book and my good friend Bill Comer has figured out how to do it - read his post on In line searching in Eclipse & IE7.

If you just want to know the answer then here it is:CTRL-J

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Colour Linux & Cygwin console searches with Colourised Grep

Grep is a wonderful tool useful for searching for all kinds of stuff but sometimes what you are searching for gets lost:

To get your console shell to add a little colour to your grep search terms add the following to your .bashrc or .profile or the like:export GREP_OPTIONS='--color=auto'
export GREP_COLOR='1;33'Now if you perform the same search again your output should be a little clearer:

And as an added bonus this works on Cygwin (the Windows Unix shell) as well as Linux!

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