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Fantastic Contraption - a great flash game for anyone with an engineering mind

I've found a flash game that I just have to share! It's called Fantastic Contraption and it's brilliant fun for anyone with an engineering mind, it's just so addictive.

The goal is to transport a red ball from it's starting point into a red goal area using your 'contraption' - your self-built vehicle made out of wheels, sticks and water power. Below is a screenshot of my 'flatbed' truck in mid-flow:

Give it a go but don't try it at work, you will not be able to do anything else for the rest of the day!

I found this via the Arantius blog, thanks Anthony Lieuallen!

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andy said…
Reminds me very much of "The Incredible Machine" from back in '92 (gosh I'm gettin' old)... thanks - I'll have a play tonight ;)