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Create funky word images with Wordle

I was doing my daily Bloglines reading today when I can across this post from Dave Thomas which made me think "wow that really is quite pretty" (I am a techie after all, and who doesn't get excited when they see Ruby in a nice big font size?).

It was generated by a funky web application called 'wordle' which makes beautiful word clouds from words of your choosing. Point it at a blog, RSS feed, username or straight ol'piece of text and it creates the most wonderful word image map.

Here is one generated this morning when I pointed it at my blog:

Here is one from my mate Chris Routledge after he pointed it at the first chapter of his newly-published book "Cains: The Story of Liverpool in a Pint":

They are so nice I'm thinking of getting the image printed onto a t-shirt for that true geek factor!

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