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Fantastic service from StringsDirect guitar shop!

Late on Thursday night I broke one of my electric guitar strings and being a beginner I didn't have a pile of replacements to drop in straight away. I'd placed a couple of small orders with StringsDirect over the past few months and had such fast delivery that they were my first port of call. I placed an order for a couple of packs of handmade DR Strings (one Tite Fit and the other Hi-Beam) around midnight on Thursday night and what with the Christmas post service issues (along with various PO strikes) I had little hope that they would be with me before Christmas.

They arrived on Saturday morning, nicely packaged, all the correct bits I ordered - absolutely perfect! So if you need any guitar accessories, take an online trip to StringsDirect, they have loads of items and the delivery service is second to none!

As an aside, I picked DR Strings after Justin Sandercoe of recommended them - his online guitar tuition site is second to none and I trust his judgement on products and accessories.

Now all StringsDirect need is an affiliate link programme... ;)

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