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Replace your broadband provider's DNS servers with OpenDNS ones for more reliable service

I had an 'internet issue' last week when around 10am my connection to the internet was lost. Well not completely lost - my work PC (a remote box accessed via VPN) was still working fine so I still had a connection (at an IP level), but I couldn't visit any websites. The problem was that Pipex's DNS servers were offline (I couldn't ping them) and it wasn't planned maintenance.

So I replace them with settings for the free OpenDNS servers. These DNS servers are used by millions of people around the world, I suppose I've not migrated to them before because I've not had an issue until now. The migration couldn't have been easier - I logged into my router, accessed the 'internet settings' menu option, and selected 'DNS'. Then I unticked the "Automatic from ISP" box and entered the OpenDNS server details in the IP address boxes:

The OpenDNS DNS server IP addresses are:
Primary   DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
Once my router had restarted itself with these DNS settings I was back online again...

More detailed setup instructions can be found on the OpenDNS site.

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Bill Comer said…
As my ISPs DNS failed last night I think I might give this a go. Couldn't try it last night as I could not get on the internet !

Made me think that I might print off a couple of options.