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Improving slow wifi bandwidth performance on an Acer Aspire One

We've noticed over the past few days that it was taking a long time to download stuff on our Acer Aspire One. Tonight I found out that it was only slow when it was unplugged from the mains - so it's a power-saving 'feature'. I couldn't find any options within the power saving section of Windows control panel, so it was off to google for some help.

Within seconds I found the perfect solution explained very clearly over on Peve's Blog. I'm not going to repeat his instructions as he explains it great already so head over there to read his post entitled Acer Aspire One Slow Wifi - Thanks Peve!

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alpha said…
Thank you for the solution. I was facing the same problem, and it was a real head ache. Now, the performance is great!
aks said…
its nice solution.i like it,its so useful to all acer aspire users.
Rich said…
I agree this should have normally worked, but didn't for me. I had to roll back my driver update to last one one and then I was back to normal. Aspire One 725-0687