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MP3 purchase comparison between &

My first foray into purchasing MP3 was from some months back. It was a smooth experience much like buying anything else from Amazon and it's quirky MP3 downloader popped the nicely named MP3 files into my music folder in the normal directory structure of Artist name/Album name/track number & name.

This week I purchased an album from's MP3 catalogue due to it being a little cheap than Amazon. It's download format was a large zip file that had to be saved to the desktop, it's content was just the tracks - no artist/album directory structure, no track numbers. Because I don't have an iPod I had to look up the track listing on the net and rename the files just to put them in the right album order!

Next time I want to buy some music online I think I will be skipping's offering completely and paying the little more that was charging - it will be worth it to just have my music just download straight into the right place rather than messing around with zip file and renames...

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