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The next Manchester Spring User Group meetup is 11th August

Following on from an excellent gathering in June, Guy Remond (MD of Cake Solutions) has announced the details of August's meeting:

"Introducing Spring Batch 2.0 plus Spring Framework 3.0 update" by Dave Syer:
Well known as lead committer to the Spring Batch project as well as having a major influence throughout SpringSource, Dave will be sharing insight into the use of Spring Batch, showing some demonstrations and unveiling enhancements (scalability, XML config, Java 5…) within Spring Batch 2.0. In addition he has promised some interesting thoughts on the long awaited Spring Framework 3.0.
There was a brief mention of Spring Batch at the last SUG meeting so I'm looking forward to finding out more...

Oh, don't forget to register for the August meeting over on the Spring User Group website.

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