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Summary of August's Manchester Spring User Group Meeting

The August Spring meeting was held on Tuesday 11th August at the same venue as June's meeting. The location was the the excellent University of Manchester Core Technology Facility which has free parking immediately outside the building, just press the buzzer and mention the Spring User Group and they let you in. The evening was introduced by Guy Remond of Cake Solutions who laid out the agenda.

The first talk was by Cornel Foltea of Cake Solutions entitled:

Hello World! (OSGi debugging in IDEA)

Cornel started out by giving a little overview of OSGi including a walk-through of the layered approach that the Open Service Gateway Initiative takes. He pointed out that it's key objectives were:modularization
access controlThe key component of any OSGi system is a 'bundle' which get deployed into an OSGi container. A bundle can then be dynamically installed, started, stopped, updated and uninstalled. They are modular in nature 'assuming nothing' - the…

Installing Ubuntu inside Windows XP using VirtualBox

Since moving companies over a year ago I've missed my Ubuntu desktop having moved back to development on Windows. I've had a few comments that some of my old Ubuntu blog posts are now out of date and I've wanted a way to ensure that they remain 'correct'.

After discussing virtualisation with a friend I opted to install VirtualBox - an open source virtualization tool which is free and easy to get going. This blog post contains my installation notes from installing VirtualBox and then creating an Ubuntu9 virtual machine...

First I downloaded the latest version of VirtualBox (version 3.0.0) and selected the "VirtualBox 3.0.0 for Windows hosts". Then I downloaded the latest version of the Ubuntu Desktop edition.

After both of these were fully downloaded I double-clicked the VirtualBox installer and choose to install everything.When the "not passed Windows Logo testing" alerts pop-up choose to "Continue anyway" then register if you wish.