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How to disable the auto-completion 'bell' in Cygwin (using RXVT)

If you have ever hit TAB a few times in bash (via RXVT) you will probably be greeted with the loudest 'bell' your PC can muster. After a while this gets pretty annoying so here's how to disable it if you are using RXVT inside Cygwin (this might work for other Cygwin terminals, I've just not checked)

Navigate to your home directory (normally just by typing cd and either edit or create a file called .inputrc

Add the following lines to the .inputrc file:
# Disable the annoying bell
set bell-style none
Save the file, close the terminal and reopen - you should now be bell-less!

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ajay said…
very useful post,nice instructions,its helpful.
Anonymous said…
f***ing thank you! that thing was driving me crazy.