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Shorten links to be Twitter-friendly with

Any Twitter users out there will know that URLs and 140 characters don't really mix that well, especially if you actually want to talk about the link as well!  Typically you would use a URL shortening service such as the original or one of the newer, shorter versions such as

Well there is a new kid on the block who's even shorter: is another member of the family just with two less letters, but it's going to be perfect for Twitter.  I use the bookmarklet to generate my links but it appears that there is not a version for yet, so I created my own:

Drag this link to your browser toolbar to get started:    Shorten with

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Summary of December's Manchester Spring User Group Meeting

The December Spring meeting was held on Tuesday 1st December at the same venue as previous meetings. Two talks were lined up: one on Grails by Adam Evans and one on Spring 3.0 by Rick Evans.

Guy Remond of Cake Solutions started the evening off with introductions and explained that the Spring User Group was going to be expanding to become the 'Open Source Central User Group' so as to attract a more diverse audience. He also discussed the Open Source Central website which has plans to become the 'Hub for successful Open Source Enterprise Application Development'. It's going to pull various blogs together into one central place as well as offering video and podcasts of open source technologies. We were also some of the first people to get a physical copy of the Open Source Journal, a 5,000-copy print run (sponsored by Hays IT).

Practical Grails Demonstration by Adam Evans of CTI

Adam started his presentation with a brief run through of what is Grails, what is Groovy