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How to use Junction if you want Symbolic links in Windows XP

Ever since I started developing using Unix machines I've wanted symbolic links in Windows XP.  A recent pursuit of backup solutions left me really wanting symbolic links so I started the search.  This blog post gave me everything I needed, using a tool from Microsoft's website called junction.

This command line tool created junction points between a symbolic name and a real folder on your hard drive (sorry network drives cannot be linked to).

I downloaded it and placed the junction.exe file in my C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory so it would be on my system path.

Below is my little walk-through of how to use junction.

I created a folder on my desktop called "junction test" and created a folder inside that called "folder":

I created a text file called "README.txt" inside the "folder" directory:

I opened a Windows DOS prompt (cmd) and navigated to the "junction test" folder on my desktop, then I ran the junction command like this:

Are your Maven profiles being picked up as 'default'?

We recently noticed that the profile that we had marked as default in our Maven settings.xml file was not being set as the default. Like many examples on the web we had the following XML element set in the appropriate profile:
<profiles> <profile> <activation> <activeByDefault/> </activation> </profile> </profiles> After some searching we found this maven-users mailing list post detailing the solution.

<activeByDefault/> isn't enough to set the value, you need to explicitly set the boolean value to true:
<activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault> Once we saved that change in our settings.xml file the profile was picked up as the default.

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