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Summary of March's Manchester Open Source Central User Group Meeting

I really enjoyed last night's Open Source Centraluser group meeting in Manchester. Both speakers were excellent and there were a lot of good ideas to take away.  Here is my summary of the evening:

"Spring BlazeDS Integration" by Rick Evans

He started with an overview of why build web applications with Flex & Flash: rich internet applications which look like a desktop application rather than a bunch of web pages. He then suggested that Flex & Flash applications client applications could be powered by a Spring server backend by using BlazeDS.

Flex is a framework for building rich internet applications. You get the same looking application regardless of operating system or browser which can't be said for regular web-based applications. Flex applications can be deployed into the standard flash player embedded in the browser or as a desktop application via Adobe AIR.  You write Flex applications in ActionScript which is an OO language enabling a simple transition …

Details of the 2nd speaker at the next Open Source Central User Group (Manchester) meeting

I blogged a month ago about the main topic of the next Open Source Central User Group meeting in Manchester.  I recently received details of the second topic so I thought I'd better update you all.
Jan Machacek will be talking about how to turn a regular Spring-based web application into an iPhone app, here's what he's going to do: I will show you how to take your regular Spring web application and turn it into optimised iPhone web application that feels nearly like a native application with just one Java class and a bit of JavaScript and CSS.Sounds pretty cool and having worked for a number of years in the mobile industry it's something I'm quite keen to find out about.
Make sure you register for the event which will take place on Wednesday 24th March.
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