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Using & comparing enumerations (enums) with JSTL

Often in your JSTL pages you will want to test a value of a particular variable before displaying something on the page. Often you are comparing against primitive types or other objects but what if you want to compare against an enumerated type?

Attempting to access the enumeration directly as Colour.BLUE doesn't work as the class/enum isn't available but what you can do it compare objects against their label or enum name.

If we have a Colour enumeration:
public enum Colour { RED, GREEN, BLUE }and we have a car object which has a getColour() method on it (returning the enumerated type) we can test against it in JSTL by using the specific name:
<c:if test="${car.colour eq 'BLUE'}">

Keyboard shortcut for 'paste as plain text' in Pidgin

I use Pidgin at work for communicating with my remote colleagues and I regularly paste code snippets and log file output into the Pidgin window. Often the text formats completely wrong and you end up sending the recipient a page of garbage rather than the real text.

Pidgin has a right-click context menu option for getting round this called 'paste as plain text' which normally does the trick but what if you normally use CTRL-V to paste your text in? After 2 seconds of experimentation today I found that CTRL-SHIFT-V is the keyboard shortcut for 'paste as plain text', I now feel complete...