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HTTP headers of my Nokia 6310i

Dietrich Ayala (the author of Foxylicious - my favourite way to deal with links) has created an interesting service that collects & displays the HTTP headers from any browser that visits the mobiledump page.

It's primary use is so you can view the HTTP headers that were sent by your mobile device. I've just just pointed my Nokia 6310i at http:// and I've been added to the bottom of the list, my specific details are captured on the Nokia6310i1.0_4.80_ProfileMIDP1.0_ConfigurationCLDC1.0.txt page.

This is a simple service but what I really like is the fact that you can view all the other browsers (both web & mobile) that have hit that page so you can see the headers for handsets that you may not have access to. There are other lists available on the web of mobile user-agent strings but they don't include a full dump of all the headers. This information isn't normally available from the manufacturer either but if you haven't taken it into consideration when building your mobile service can really throw it off the rails.

Handset manufacturers still aren't really implementing common standards for a lot of things, and mobile web services is one of these areas. Hopefully we will see this service growing into a valuable resource, if the list was searchable via browser, manufacturer, or handset, that would be even better!

UPDATE: I've just created the TinyURL to save some keystrokes when entering the URL into your mobile.

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Andrew Beacock said…
Thanks for the tip Alex, I've been over to that site this morning and created an elfURL for the mobiledump URL and it's nice and short -

BTW, you don't happen to be involved in providing this service do you? ;)