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Track outgoing links on your blog with MyBlogLog

I read an interesting post on Successful Blog last night that mentioned a site called

It's a site that with a little scriptlet that you drop into your blog template allows it to track what links on your site have been clicked, so you can see what links your readers are interested in.

I've only just added it to my blog, so I've nothing to report yet but if I get any interesting statistics I'll drop them here.


Andrew Beacock said…
Thanks Lee for the tip, I've signed up at StatCounter now and added the code to the Blogger template.

I'll be interested to see what it shows.

I have a question regarding a statement you made though, I don't see anywhere in StatCounter where it will list the outgoing link click counts. I'm I missing something?


Nice to meet you. I appreciate you mentioning Sucessful Blog. Hope you'll be adding your voice to the conversation there. We do like to talk. :)

Successful Blog
rohit said…
its so useful.thanking you for this information.