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Pasting code snippets to your blog easily with FormatMySourceCode

When I was preparing my last blog post on disabling HTML elements (in JSPs) with JSTL's "c:if" I needed to change a lot of the JSP markup to prepare it for adding to my posting - the angled opening and closing tags were causing quite a problem.

I was about to painstakingly go through changing them all to their 'lt' and 'gt' XML entity equivalents and then remembered a site I bookmarked sometime ago:

It's a very handy webpage with a box to paste your code into, select a few options such as tab width and whether you want an embedded stylesheet and then click "Format Text". It promptly returns with your code (of any kind) converted into a web-friendly version which is perfect for pasting straight into your blog post.

It a great yet simple idea by Greg Houston and oh so very useful!

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Anonymous said…
Thanks once again for a great tip