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Use Pidgin? Send screenshots with this great new plugin!

I've been a big fan of Pidgin (formerly Gaim) for the past few years and one feature that I've always wanted was an easy way to send a screenshot to a buddy.

Well Raoul Berger obviously wanted it too and he's gone and developed the excellent 'send screenshot' plugin. Download and install it and make sure you have enabled it:

Then you can right-click and buddy in your buddy list and choose 'Send screen capture...' - your screen then darkens and you have a crosshair with which to select the region that you would like to send to you 'buddy':

You can also send a screenshot within a existing conversation by choosing the 'Convesation' -> 'More' -> 'Send screen capture...' option:

Another and fast, better way is to ensure that you have 'Show detailed information' selected in the 'Conversations' tab of the preferences and then you can simply right-click on the person's banner and select the option:

Also, after an email conversation with the send screenshot plugin author he's mentioned that he's looking to add a keyboard shortcut in the next release, which will make the whole process even slicker!

This is a great plugin and thanks to Raoul for taking the time to develop it (for a number of platforms I may add).

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Anonymous said…
i need a 64bit .deb :(
Anonymous said…
send as an image is never available on any of my accounts. All my accounts support sending a file so not sure why this is grayed out on latest version 0.8-1. Overall its a great idea but the feature I need is grayed out all the time so not useful for me.
Mario Mey said…
I need a 64bits version, too!

I tried to compile it, but didn't work.

*** A new enough version of purple was not found.
*** You have version ..
*** See
configure: error:
Please upgrade to a newer version.

Andrew Beacock said…
I'm sorry Mario but I'm not the developer for this plugin, just a very happy user!

Have you tried contacting the author?
Unknown said…
64 deb came already. after long waiting