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Has Althea UK Ltd. gone bust? (aka Bathrooms Italia / Period Bathrooms)

Note: This is a non-technical post that I'm making to see if anyone else is searching for information regarding any outstanding bathroom orders - if so, please leave a comment so we can pool our collective wisdom!

We placed an order through Bathrooms Italia for a new bath back in January and after repeated phone calls inquiring about the whereabouts of the bath we have found this morning that the site appears to not be avilable anymore and they are not answering their phone - 01845 577 432.

After a little digging about it appears that Period Bathrooms are also not answering their phone - 01274 660 770. Both of these companies seem to be public consumer websites for Althea UK Ltd., their number is the same as Bathrooms Italia - 01845 577 432 which is never answered.

A quick search on Credit Gate shows the following suspect activity:



Due to this I've already contacted my credit card company to report they I've paid for an item that I expect to never receive!

Update: I've just had a call from Clearwater (a supplier to Althea) that they have been advised that Althea and therefore their derivatives have gone into receivership!

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Anonymous said…
WHAT. Ive been contacting them for teh last 2 weeks. Spoke to a girl called Jackie and then Grant and they said they would send the bathroom out. It cost me £1000. I am based in Ireland and I ordered it in Nov!!! I dont suppose the credit card company would refund me???
Andrew Beacock said…
Give them a ring as they will probably refund you if you never received anything.
matahow said…
i too have ordered a bath from bathrooms italia in november. i have lodged a crime report with the police to see if that works!! i will contact my credit card company to see if i get a refund. will let you know how i get on. any other suggestions would be most welcome

thanks and good luck.
Unknown said…
I ordered a clearwater nouveau bath back at the end of October 2007. I have emailed and phoned dozens of times since and always told a problem with manufacturer.
Paid for by maestro debit card - nightmare.
Anonymous said…
We ordered & paid for a Nike bathroom sink, which we now won't get. As bathroom has already been set up for dimensions of sink does anyone know of a similar sink (or same one but known by different name would be even better)
Anonymous said…
Does anybody have any telphone numbers at which the are able to speak to some about this, we are missing a bath which was ordered in January!
Anonymous said…
I have spoken with the Insolvancy services and Bathrooms Italia are still a trading company and have a registered office in Portsmouth? Is anybody having any joy in getting a refund?
Andrew Beacock said…
I contacted my credit card company and they have sent me the forms to fill in for issues where you have paid for stuff but never received it.

The agent on the phone indicated that it wouldn't be a problem to get the refund and it's actually been removed from my current bill until this matter is resolved.

I've since ordered the bath from A different supplier (ScrewFix Direct).
Anonymous said…
I also ordered a bath from bathrooms italia jan 21, unfortunately paid by maestro so not covered with the bank. If anyone has any other contact numbers for them i'd be grateful. It's a long shot but worth trying to call them for a refund.
Anonymous said…
I ordered my toilet with Bathrooms Italia in January. Spoke to a girl caled Jackie last week on 01845 577432 who said they would deliver my bathroom in 2 weeks - surprise suprise as of today no web site (now removed) and no telephone nos being in existence. It is our belief that credit card companies will refund if you fill in a report. We notified Barclaycard this morning. If someone finds out how to do this company please contact me. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Given police statement re bathrooms italia as it is likely that trading whilst insolvent and owe me £2,000 likewise no goods received (unfort. maestro payment). Please can you all write into Companies House and just advise you are Creditor otherwise they will be struck off before a Creditors meeting (any chance to recuperate our losses will be gone).
Main Office
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ and quote company no:04771748 Bathrooms Italia Limited.
Unknown said…
Are you sure we are dealing with BATHROOMS ITALIA LIMITED?
All my correspondence refers to Althea UK Ltd t/a Bathrooms Italia.
BATHROOMS ITALIA LIMITED in PORTSMOUTH Company No. 04771748 is apparently dormant. I do not think there is a legal connection with the Portsmouth firm.
Anonymous said…
Hi, there is only one Bathrooms Italia Limited recorded at Companies House and that appears to be dormant, however I definitely placed my order with Bathrooms Italia over the internet, I received a confirmation of order from Bathrooms Italia but the email receipt from worldpay states that my payment went to Althea uk limited, which checking with companies house has failed to submit any financial records this February, this is confusing to me as I don't really know how these companies work but in my letter to Companies House I am including both companies as it appears they have been wrongfully trading.
Anonymous said…
re. Comigne's comment - they appear to have changed their registered office yet again last week. The Portsmouth address is only the registered office which is likely to be their firm of accountants not a business address.
Anonymous said…
I have just written to Companies House. Does anyone know of what can be done to stop company's doing this on the internet. I for one will not buy on the internet ever again.
Anonymous said…
I ordered a bath with a credit card from Bathrooms Italia and spoke to a northern guy called Robert. It seems likely that they are based in Yorkshire. All internet purchases are fully protected if you pay by credit card.
Unknown said…
All the various websites are registered by a computer firm:
D. Pickard
T/A Denholme Business Services
27 Ogden Lane
Denholme West Yorkshire BD13 4LA
Tel: 01274 833849 OR (01274) 413157

Perhaps they might be able to shed some light on what is happening - worth a try.
Anonymous said…
We ordered a bath from bathrooms italia in january and look to have lost £700. I have just tried the number for D. Pickard in denholme west yorkshire 01274 833849. He seemed quite happy to talk to me until i mentioned bathrooms italia, then he told me he was busy with a client and would have to call back another time.
I have obtained an address for althea uk who are behind this fraud:

Hillside House,
7 Station Rd,

I for one will be sending them a letter by recorded delivery demanding a full refund within 14 days otherwise i will be starting civil court proceedings.

just to creep those crooks out,
Anonymous said…
I ordered off Bathrooms Italia last year when all was fine, so I am ok - but just thought I would add that as far as I am aware Bathrooms Italia is only a trading name of Althea UK and probably not associated with Bathrooms Italia Ltd.

Althea UK were (or are) mainly a contract firm for the hotel industry with a small consumer division.

They are the UK division / distributors for Althea an italian company the parents website is

may be worth dropping them an email to see if they know anything.
Charles said…
Hi Andrew - did you get your money back from the credit card company ? Have you heard anything more about them ? charles
e-mail me at
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